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Aly McCann

Aly McCann was in a car crash on June 29 and died June 30, 2005. Normal Life of Indiana, her former employer, was instrumental in the initial development of the Aly McCann Scholarship program to honor her life and memory.

"Aly was only 26-years-old, it was amazing to me that she was so young, but she had such an uncommon grace in every aspect of her life," recalls Normal Life of Indiana�s Director of Quality Assurance Jack Groves. "She made me proud to work here. I was just so happy to be associated with her. She made us all a little bit better.

McCann graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Her career was centered on helping people with disabilities. She was employed at Normal Life of Indiana, an organization that delivers services to people with disabilities, youth with special needs, and adults with barriers to employment.

"Students majoring in therapeutic recreation impact the lives of the disabled by allowing them to learn the skills (both physical skills and social skills) necessary to participate in community based leisure and recreation activities," says Cheryl Thompson of Indiana Wesleyan University. "Through these activities, clients with disabilities are able to develop new friendships, new interests, and improve their quality of life. For many of them, recreation is the one area of life where they can find success and feel useful and needed."

"Aly dearly loved her family, friends, and the individuals she served. Her magnetic personality and enjoyable, inviting nature were difficult to ignore and easy to embrace," recalls Aly�s husband Ryan. "She had such a passion not only for helping individuals with disabilities, but befriending them and their families in a very professional, yet personal way. The compassion, kindness, dedication, and love she demonstrated on a daily basis will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life."